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On this page you will find a list of ancient Rome movies that we recommend for your home collection of movies set in ancient Rome. Every Roman history buff should have an extensive collection of ancient Rome DVDs. Many Rome movies have been produced ever since the birth of cinema, many of these movies being big productions and successes in their time.

Below you will find our list of ancient Rome movies ordered by historical period, a small summary for each movie and link going to the page related to the movie. Do not hesitate to post your comments below and to share the page with your friends.

romulus and remus movie

Romulus And Remus (1961)

Period: Roman Kingdom (753 - 509 B.C.)
Romulus and Remus also known as Duel of the Titans is a 1961 Italian production and the only movie ever made about the story of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome. With realistic movie sets and costumes and convincing acting, the movie is recommended for anybody who is interested in the legend of the creation of Rome.

duel of champions movie

Duel of Champions (1961)

Period: Roman Kingdom (753 - 509 B.C.)
Duel of Champions (Orazi e Curiazi in Italian) is an Italian production about the Roman legend of the Horatii. The legend of the Horatii was about triplet brothers from Rome (the Horatii) who fought a duel against triplet brothers from Alba Longa (the Curiatii) in order to determine the outcome of a war between Rome and Alba Longua. As a reminder, king Tullus Hostilius (reign: 673-642 B.C) fought a war with Alba Longua.

brennus enemy of rome

Brennus Enemy of Rome (1963)

Period: Early Roman Republic (458 - 274 B.C.)
Brennus Enemy Of Rome (Brenno il nemico di Roma in Italian) is an Italian production about the 400 B.C. Gaul invasion led by the Gaulish chieftain Brennus and the only movie ever made about the Gaul invasions.

hannibal movie 1959

Hannibal (1959)

Period: Mid Republic (274 - 148 B.C.)
Hannibal is a movie about the Second Punic War (218-201 B.C.) and the life of Hannibal, a general from Carthage. The movie shows amazing images of Hannibal's army crossing the Alps with elephants. Hannibal is also a (fictional) love story between Hannibal and the daughter of general Fabius Maximus.


Spartacus (1960)

Period: Late Republic (147 - 30 B.C.)
Spartacus is about the Third Servile War (73-71 B.C.), a major slave revolt led by a man called Spartacus. We rank it as one of the truly excellent ancient Rome movies taking into account the historical accuracy of the movie which introduces us to the world of slavery in antiquity, great acting and great images.

julius caesar tv series dvd

Julius Casear TV series (2002)

Period: Late Republic (147 - 30 B.C.)
This TV series covers the life of Julius Caesar and all the events during his life including his conquest of Gaul. The series was quite popular, it won 2 Emmys and was played in many countries around the world.

ben hur movie 1959

Ben Hur (1959)

Period: Roman Principate (27 B.C. - 284 A.D.)
Ben Hur is the story of Jesus-Christ and that of Judah Ben-Hur, a wealthy merchant and prince in Judea that is condemned to the galleys. The movie is set in the Roman Empire and in the Roman province of Judea in the 1st century A.D..

quo vadis movie 1951

Quo Vadis (1951)

Period: Roman Principate (27 B.C. - 284 A.D.)
Quo Vadis which means "where are you going" in Latin is a 1951 historical epic about the reign of emperor Nero and the conflict between Christianity and the Roman Empire. The movie takes place in 64-68 A.D. and there are true historical characters and events as well as fictional ones.

gladiator movie

Gladiator (2000)

Period: Roman Principate (27 B.C. - 284 A.D.)
Gladiator (2000) starring Russell Crowe won multiple awards and was a big success at the box office. It a fictional historical epic, the story of a popular Roman general turned gladiator. Highly recommended for its impressive battles and amazing images.

Pompeii movie dvd


Period: Roman Principate (27 B.C. - 284 A.D.)
Pompeii is the story of the destruction of the city of Pompeii in 79 A.D. due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It is also a love story between a gladiator and a beautiful woman from the Roman aristocracy. The movie has amazing computer generated images of life in first century Pompeii and of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

centurion movie

Centurion (2010)

Period: Roman Principate (27 B.C. - 284 A.D.)
Centurion is the story of the conquest of Britain and of the legend of the massacre of the Ninth Legion in Caledonia at the beginning of the 2nd century A.D.. Full of action and realistic battle scenes, the movie is also entertaining to watch.

constantine and the cross

Constantine and the Cross (1961)

Period: Roman Dominate (284 - 476 A.D.)
Constantine and the Cross is a movie about Constantine's war against emperor Maxentius, one of the other tetrachs and Constantine's revelation and conversion to Christianity.

theodora slave empress

Theodora Slave Empress (1954)

Period: Eastern Roman Empire (476 - 1453 A.D.)
Theodora Slave Empress is a movie about Theodora, the fascinating wife of emperor Justinian I (reign: 527-565 A.D.), a woman of modest origins, a former slave and dancer who thwarted many plots and changed the Eastern Roman Empire.

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