The Siege of Syracuse Movie (1960)

Siege of Syracuse (1960) movie review

The Siege of Syracuse movie (L'assedio di Siracusa) is 1960 Italian production and the story of the Roman Siege of Syracuse which happened during the Second Punic War between 214 and 212 B.C.. The movie was actually shot in Sicily on the Anzio coast!

Sicily was always a strategic location for both the Romans and the Carthaginians. The Romans had taken over the Greek city of Syracuse and the entire Sicily island by the end of the Second Punic War.

The movie shows us Archimedes (Rossano Brazzi) known in history for his inventions. Actually if you ever travel to Sicily and especially to Syracuse, you will see many shops, products bearing the name of Archimedes.

In the movie, Archimedes invents what looks like a satellite dish that reflects sun rays and produces a powerful light beam, powerful enough to burn the Roman fleet.

Archimedes was to be married to Clio (Sylva Koscina) the daughter of King Hieron. But he abandons her in favor of Diana (Tina Louise) a beautiful exotic dancer whose brother Gorgia is a spy for the Romans.

Overall, an entertaining movie about the Siege of Syracuse and Archimedes with beautiful shots of Sicily.